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Tenerife web Pro are a Small Tenerife Website design Based Agency  in Tenerife south

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Quick 3 easy steps for a great Tenerife website design

Why everyone needs a website Designed

Yes, I know you could probably build your own website, Or you have a cousin that built a website at school for a project, but you and your cousin will look at your Tenerife website design, and will be bias its only normal an external website designer will Look at what you actually need, and thats what they will build.


Have you got the skill set to build it?

We have 12 years experience building Business websites here in Tenerife, we have a proven track record of building the very best Tenerife website design, on the island and beyond, our customers are not only happy with their website design but most rank very high in Google search engines. our SEO department are number one in Tenerife, and our prices are very keen. So why not give us a call its good to talk.


Bottom line what's in it for you?

We not only build award winning website designs here in Tenerife we also build you a customer magnet that will attract unpaid traffic to your website, for free, Our prices are very fair because we give much more than we get, it is our motto to always over deliver, You website design will include Responsive design Multi language be Fast to load and will give you a Return on Investment, don't waste money on website design that doesn't pay you back, talk to us today

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SEO your Tenerife website design

8 Must have Features for any Website

It makes sense that your visitor will not wait long for your website to load,
how many times have you sat looking a a circle on the screen and just moved on after a few seconds? that is a fact its known as “bounce rate”, and google hates it, So speed is a critical ranking factor for your website design, It is essential that your new website loads lightning fast under 1 second is ideal google will not rank websites that load slower than 3 seconds.

The internet is full of hackers, seriously, I put the best security on all my websites and
it stops most attacks, but on the odd occassion we get hacked we get your website back up
and running within an hour, we always keep a copy of your website off line, so its a security
hack we always have up our sleve.

As Bob hoskins, once said “its good to talk” and it really is good to promote your business by all means
nessasary, This also means giving helpfull tips and advise about your business after all you are the expert
in your field, and it builds trust and credibility to share good information.

we live in a multi language society nowdays it seems crazy to think that everyone can speak English.
Businesses are missing out on 50% of the buyers out there without a multi language website design.

“Responsive Design” means your website design should respond to all different devises
such as desktop, laptop, I pad. and phones, It should adapt text and image sizes to suit
whatever devise it is on, This is another Ranking factor, and it comes under usability
Any website designer worth he’s salt will build to give the best experience, Especially Tenerife website designer like Tenerife website Pro.

Now days its not enough to have a couple of social media icons on your website, You also neeed
“social sharing” so it gives strong signals to search engines that you are active online,
these also need to be tied to your blogs so they can be shared on social media and other blog sites.
Social signals are another ranking sign for google to send your website to the top of search engines.

With “google anylitics” it is possible to get all the visitors data from your website, Do you know
how many visitors a week month year you are getting? do you know what country they are from?
do you know how long they stayed on your website? and what they where most interested in. well
as a website owner who wants to increase business don’t you also think this is important?

With this connection you can see more data from your website, how many pages are ranking,
what are the most popular pages on your website, what keywords you are ranking for, and what
your google position is for each particular search query. Tenerife website designer like Tenerife web pro can help with this.

We not only cater for Tenerife website Design but Any website design.

Tenerife web pro

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