What is SEO ?

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What is SEO?


What is SEO ? “Search Engine Optimization” this is the Art of manipulating Search engines, by adding carefully chosen keywords or key phrases to your website content pages. this is known as on-page Search Engine Optimization And should be added during the content stage of the website design, unfortunately, not all web designers are cut from the same cloth, so chances are an existing website will not be optimized with up-to-date content,  This is a major problem because there are millions of websites online and most of them suck and will not produce any interest from potential customers.

Because Search Engine Optimization tunes into people who are already searching online for a certain thing. the Phrase they type into the search box is a “keyword phrase” and ideally you want this to match some keywords you already have on your website, in order for the search engine says Google, for example, to send the buyer to your site for your product. Hey, presto you made a sale, sounds easy right? believe me it’s far from easy. but it is possible with good SEO planning to get Thousands of customers to your website and onwards to your business. Hopefully turning into paying customers and help your return on investment. Tenerife web pro has qualified Search Engine Optimization experts Send us a quick message and click the button below if you are interested


How Can it help me?

Yes, it can if what you need is more customers, Although a lot of people will say that generic traffic (customers) Are free, That’s B— S— Anything online will cost either Time or money so please don’t listen to idiots that say SEO is free, To drive a business to number one in google search is very Possible but not without hours and hours of research and work for someone. and remember when your business is number one on google and you are getting lots of business, and raking in profits, you will want to stay in this position. and it’s a constant update that will do this for your business.

Search Engine Optimization is the best traffic you can get to your business because there is already “intent” from the searcher he or she is already looking for your product you just need to convince them that what you offer is better or cheaper than your competitors, and that’s where Competitor analysis comes into play, This is very time consuming but with the right software it is possible to copy Exact keywords and content that your top competition has already put out on their website. and for me, why reinvent the wheel, if it works it works, copy away and get great results for your business. it helps if you are an expert in SEO like Tenerife web pro for example. Search Engine Optimization is still by far the Best Return on investment your business can make.


Why should you hire us for your Search Engine Optimization?

Because there are not many Qualified experts on the island of Tenerife, We are advanced Search Engine Optimization experts, with Full SEO qualifications. and we can deliver new customers online directly to your services or products, We are results driven and do not overcharge, this is a stand-alone service whether you have a website made by us or not we can price you for Search Engine Optimization services. We are fully transparent, and pride ourselves on giving value for money. Whatever you pay us for This service it will pay you back 10 x fold it really is a no-brainer.

Let me ask you a Question. would you give me £10 if I gave you £100 in return?  This is the same thing as advertising look at it as an investment.

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Our SEO Expert Mike Leavy Below recently Passed the Semrush SEO exam to add to his portfolio of exams

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