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reputation management

Reputation Management Tips:


How to increase your business with a good reputation

If you want to increase your business with good reputation management, here are some tips. The way your company is perceived online plays a huge role in whether people will choose to do business with you and even how much money they’re willing to pay you. When we say online here, we mean everywhere – social networks, forums, blogs, review sites – anywhere that people might read about your company or discuss it among themselves. Here’s how you can improve your online reputation so more people are willing to do business with you and so people will pay you more when they do

Take the time to respond to negative reviews

Its your business you must take charge of it and respond to ALL reviews Good or Bad We all like getting Good reviews and comments for our hard work but from time to time you will get bad reviews, some times its not your fault, maybe a competiter will get jealous and hit that 1 star on google or a customer will have a bad experience with you a waiter had a bad day a fly landed in their soup who knows, even the best Businesses get good and bad reviews, It is important to always reply, but dont let your head rule your feelings, STOP and think, OK how can you respond in a Good way and resolve the issue? Use this as a lesson of how to improve your services. Maybe offer a discount Explain that you will improve and invite the customer to review again after you have taken action. 

Offer discounts or coupons to customers who leave positive reviews

If a customer is happy with your product or services they will return and tell others about the positive experience, And a good review is worth a lot maybe repeat business or the customer will tell friends right? well if you have a customer walking out the door delighted this is the perfect time to ask for a review, Right there in the moment its time to pull out your QR code on your phone with a link to google Business, there’s no better time, Always have a few coupons handy or tell the customer about your new offer. this will sweeten the deal.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a good advertising platform mainly for local business and still works but here’s a bit of advise, outsource this kind of advertising don’t try and do it yourself as the owner, Here’s why, because as an owner you have a vested interest in the business and will always over sell it to potential customers, You need an impartial view on this to get best results, Also Don’t just go to Facebook they are an advertising platform and that’s how they make money, so they are cutting back on your views, Try other platforms like Instagram and YouTube, In my opinion as a former owner of 4 building companies its better to concentrate on what you are good at ,rather than penny pinch about social media posting.

Make it easy for customers to leave reviews

As I mentioned Earlier in this post a QR code linked directly  to your google account will instantly get you a review, Do not be afraid to ask for a review and strike while the irons hot if you get good feed back ask there and then for a review, I know a lot of businesses that have a QR code on the wall ready to go, and to me this just makes good sense considering that google drive 85% of traffic to your door as a local business.

Monitor your online reputation

It is so important to monitor your reputation or get someone else to if you are a local business, Because a bad review will destroy your online and off line reputation and every bad review will cost you 20 good reviews from google to recover. remember good reviews will get you more customers and bring more money in the door for your pocket. This holds true no matter where in the world you operate. Reputation Management is of course one of our most popular services so if you are interested in outsourcing this please get in touch we at Tenerife web Pro will be more than happy to advise on this you can contact us here